Functions of the PURC

Functions of the PURC

  • Hear and determine complaints under section 18 relating to rates payable for any service of a public utility on the ground that such rates are unfair or unreasonable or contrary to law;

  • Hear and determine claims under section 19 by a public utility for a change of the rates payable for any of its services on the ground that such claimed rate change would be fair and reasonable, making the changed rate a fair return upon the fair value of its property;

  • Hear and resolve any dispute that may arise between parties governed by an enactment regulating the supply of services by a public utility, as may be provided by the enactment, and in accordance with the procedure under this Part;

  • Provide advice to any other Minister with responsibility for the sector in which any public utility subject to this Act, in the performance of his or her functions, duties and powers as provided for under the enactment and any licence or permit granted under the enactment;

  • Enforce the terms and conditions of any licence granted or issued pursuant to any enactment under which the Commission has been conferred regulatory functions and powers, and the provisions of the enactment shall apply in the event of conflict with this Act to the extent of the inconsistency;

  • Carry out any other function that may be assigned to it under any enactment regulating the sector in which any public utility subject to this Act operates, including to hear and determine any other matter designated to be under the jurisdiction of the Commission, and to perform any other function and exercise any other powers designated to it, under any other enactment, including to hear and resolve disputes between public utilities and consumers or other persons.