What is the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC)?

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) was established by the PURC Act No. 20 of 2016. The Act speaks generally to Public Utilities but hitherto only the electricity sector has come under the purview of the PURC. However, it should be noted that the Minister may by Order published in the Gazette, declare that any public utility named in the Order is subject to provisions of the PURC Act.

How can I complain to the PURC?

Complaints can be filed via the web portal found on the PURC website. In lieu of this functionality, complaints can be directly addressed to the attention of the CEO using our email address [email protected] or by post to PO Box 2443, Queens Park, St. George‚Äôs Grenada, W.I

How can I contact the PURC?

Our office is located opposite the Kirani James Stadium in the former Petro Caribe building.
We can be reached on the telephone number 437-1602 and via email at [email protected]

What Utilities fall under the PURC Act?

Currently only GRENLEC as the sole electricity supplier falls under the jurisdiction of PURC but the Minister of Public Utilities may, by order, place any other public utility under its jurisdiction.

Who does the PURC report to?

The PURC reports to the Minister of Public Utilities

Whose interests will PURC pursue?

The national interest, but more specifically those of consumers